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A little off topic.....

February 8th, 2012 at 05:08 pm

I know this isn't finance related, but I needed a place to vent and I figure no one I personally know will read this. So, our kids are doing a "fasting" of sorts with the children's group at church, each day this week they have to sustain from something different, i.e. t.v., sweets, or video games. They also have a worksheet they have to fill out each day to go along with it. Today they have to draw a picture of one of the struggles they think they will have to face soon, our oldest daughter drew a picture of a moving truck. I breaks my heart every time we have to up root them and move and start over again. It was easier when we (and they) were all younger and didn't really know what was going on. We've been in CT since August 2011 and are moving again in three weeks to WA (thank you USN). These last few months have been very challenging emotionally for me and the kids. It's hard to try to put down roots knowing you are leaving so soon. In the name of saving money we opted for a smaller older home here, knowing it was short term but it's been a nightmare to say the least. Rooms flooding, heat not working, just to name a few. I was hoping Washington would be a better situation but due to the wonderful cost of living at no availability for housing on base it looks like we will be in a similar housing situation in WA. I know it's the "smart" thing to do but it's tough thinking back on past decisions and wondering if you had made different one's if things would be different now. We are also doing a "do it yourself move" where you set up and move your own household goods, again in the name of hopefully making a little extra money when the move is all done but, now I have a house with boxes scattered throughout it for the next three weeks. I feel like I am living literally in a box. I know you can't change the past and we shouldn't dwell on it but I still sometimes wonder. My husband loves what he does for the Navy so it's hard to think about walking away, especially when retirement is 9 years away. In the same breathe, it's hard thinking of, worst case scenario of having another 5 moves ahead of us. It's exhausting. He will probably be deploying in the next 2-3 months, just for a few months but still it means four kids and no family on my own. I've always been a strong person and weathered the seasons of life fairly well but it certainly doesn't get easier. I just want some sort of normalcy for a while but it seems impossible. This is the life we've chosen, I just pray that our children will grow up and feel like even though we moved a lot that they always had a home. God has always taken care of us and I have no doubt he will continue too but sometimes it's hard to see past the moment. I pray he continues to watch over us, especially our children and just brings us peace through this process...

8 Responses to “A little off topic.....”

  1. Amber Says:

    I'll say a prayer for you and your kids. I know it's not totally up to you but have you guys tried including your kids in the moving process, maybe that may help. I'm sorry but I do pray things work out for you guys

  2. leahb Says:

    We include the kids as much as we can. They have helped us pack, we have talked about areas we will see again in Washington. We are taking a detour through Colorado so they can see their old friends. I moved around a lot as a kid, mainly to to where ever my dad would find work, it was hard for me and I never wanted to do that to my own kids, but here we are.

  3. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Heartbreak for sure. What I've said to my kids is "life is a banquet and most people are starving to death". It's a quote from May West and she was a little more graphic but it's true. You and your kids have wonderful opportunities presented to you! Your life is your normalcy. You are really fortunate so grasp it and say "WOW"!

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    ((Hugs)) I'm dreading our next move, too, on some level, and also looking forward to a new adventure. Right now we are just waiting to hear where we will go. Kids really are resilient, especially with supportive parents, who can validate that their feelings are normal. I'm sure military one source has lots of information and ideas on their website about helping children with a move. I'll be looking for it soon, too.

    And I think you will be correct, that it won't get easier. I have a freshman in high school who is so not happy about moving.

    I'm so glad that you vented here. Smile

  5. EarlyRetirementJoy Says:

    I'm likewise so sorry you are struggling, and I hope it helped a bit for you to write this blog and get your feelings out "on paper."

    I'll share that I moved a lot when I was younger, primarily due to the multiple hookups and divorces of my parents, and it did get progressively rougher as I got older. However, as an adult the memories of the struggles each move involved have faded, and I now really only remember the times we spent as a family exploring new towns and taking trips together. The experience of moving frequently has made me an adult who is open to change and to adventure. I'm sure there is a tremendous lifelong gift in your lifestyle for your children as well. :-)

  6. Amber Says:

    Awe that is an awesome idea to take the kids to visit their old friends , I'm sure that will help. Here is a hug for you ((hugs)) good luck

  7. Mary Ann Says:

    {Cyber Hug} Such a dear post....you sound like such a good and thoughful mom. I pray that your move goes smoothly...much better then you can imagine! Take care and please keep us posted.

  8. Jerry Says:

    There is a lot of frustration that comes with Navy life, but if you create a solid home environment it doesn't have to lead to anything catastrophic. I wish you all the best with this move, and hope that you get some insurance of a good, long stint at your next location.

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