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Month 22

June 6th, 2011 at 09:49 pm

May brought the end of school for the kids, and the beginning of our last summer in Colorado. It takes me about a year to really feel comfortable in a place and it feel like it's home and now after two years of living here we are getting ready to pack our bags next month and head to CT.

May is always a good month financially for us because my husband gets a small bonus. This year after taxes and putting some into an emergency/moving fund we ended the month with our debt total at $52,537. We have also listed the car for sale. No serious inquiries yet but hopefully soon. If it doesn't sell by the week before we move we are going to take it to Carmax and sell it to them. The splurge for the month was swim lessons for the kids this summer. When you have three it adds up quickly. Besides that spending was close to budget. We did eat out a few times more than normal. I have been looking at different menu planners for the summer. It's always easy when we are getting close to moving for us to eat out more so I am hoping a menu planner will help curve that.

We had a yard sale and made about $160, which we put towards our last outstanding credit card. We will probably have one more in June and then donate the rest before we move.

My husband is flying out on Thursday for five days to help his mother move. The girls are all in VBS for the week and our little man is getting some extra Mommy time.

I'm working on a Quickbooks certification program from home right now. My goal is to finish it before we move. I'm having a hard time finding time to devote to it but I am really going to try and put it to the front of the priority list. It never seems like there is enough time during the day and at night I'm too tired to really concentrate on it. I am hoping that it will help me with my current bookkeeping job and I would like to eventually add one more client. Again, it's all a matter of finding time. I had made a de-cluttering schedule for the house and I'm already behind on that too. We were within 2,000lbs of our weight limit on our last move and I don't want to go over.

My husband dis-located his finger tonight playing basketball and had to have it re-set. He is going to see an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. Hopefully it will be fine, I need all the hands I can get around here.

I'll update again soon!