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Month 23

July 4th, 2011 at 11:09 am

Well, we sold the car! It went much smoother than I thought it would go. We listed in for sale about a month ago and had only had one inquiry on it. We dropped the price and had someone call a few days later. It took about a week to finish the deal but we deposited the check on June 30th. We haven't told the extended family yet but will when we need too. It feels great though, like a weight has been lifted. It will save us $400 every six months on our insurance and we have almost paid off our van. We took our van in for an oil change the same day and it ended up needing some work, new brakes, brake fluid flush, alignment and a few other misc things. We did pay for that out of the proceeds from the car so we wouldn't have to pull from savings. We also paid for a night at the Great Wolf Lodge during our move for the kids. The movers will be at our house in a week. We still don't have a place to move into in CT but it has always worked out in the past and I am praying it will work out this time as well. No other hiccups during the month of June. Here is where things stand now:

Debt Total $34,045
Total Savings (including retirement and college funds)