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Month 10

June 30th, 2010 at 10:24 pm

Tomorrow, July 1st we start the month by celebrating the birth of our first daughter Taylor, who will be seven years old. Seven years has flown by. We've expanded our family in that time, lived in six states and experienced things we never thought possible. Now we find ourselves expecting our fourth child and first BOY and on a journey to become financially free.

I haven't been working much because of scheduling conflicts with my supervisor and haven't gotten my first pay check yet. It won't be much, a few hundred dollars but every bit helps. It's been exhausting though, between that and the kids, working and having my sister here.

I did have one really good counseling session with a young couple, in a very similar position to where we were several years ago. It was great to be able to sit down with them and create a financial plan for them and teach them what I wish I would of known when we were in their position. They left very motivated and I will have a follow up with them in a few months after she returns from a temporary duty assignment. I also got to co-facilitate my first basic financial planning class.

My sister still hasn't found a job so we've had the added expense of her here but hopefully a job is on the horizon for her. I have been paying her a little to watch the kids while I work.

My parents will be coming to visit in a week and they haven't been out to visit us since we moved to Colorado. We are also going to make a trip to Texas to see the Great Grandma who is 93 and not doing so well.

Anyways, despite that we have paid down our debt this month by $2,496 bringing it to a total of $77,342.

I hope everyone is enjoying there summer!